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A Gift from a Goddess

A Gift from a Goddess

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making you into such a beautiful young lady.” She took her hands off Peter’s head and gently cupped his heavy wide belly. Growing to try and catch up with the rest of his body, a faint throbbing sensation coming from them. That was getting increasingly intense as Peter moaned expanding. Q: What themes are explored in "A Gift from the Goddess" besides supernatural elements and leadership challenges? The next day started like normal. I had breakfast in the kitchen with my mother before Lucy helped me get ready for school. Lucy didn't mention the letter and acted as if everything was normal which I was grateful for.My father was away on business but would be returning today and I was internally very excited to see him again. I didn't want our relationship to turn out like how it had in my previous life. I knew now that deep down he loved me, even if he didn't show it outwardly. It wouldn't be like how it was before where I would always try to avoid him out of fear of disappointing him.

Therefore,” she continued, “it is with a heavy heart that I stand before everyone today, bound by my oath to the Goddess, to inform you all of the atrocity she had me perform whilst under her command." But pushed it aside to explain, “I’ve always been a man, mam I’m just in the wrong body that’s why this is wrong.” I wasn ‘ t the only one who noticed either as Aleric also detected something , walking cautiously towards it . It didn ‘ t leave me many options in what I could do next . . . I had to follow him .A snapping sound then came from somewhere in the distance , and I immediately looked up towards it . It s oun ded like someone had stepped on a branch further into the woods . Shot through his abdomen, he gasped as she continued to talk. “Maybe we’ll get you as pregnant as your mother.”

But she only tried to shush him but Peter only interrupted her. By trying to possibly stand, he could move again! He was able to drag his knees up to either side of his taut gut and plant his feet. She spread her fingers over the flat surface and started to rub over it in firm circles up and down. Thank you, Jonathan," Aleric said, gesturing for him to step down. "We'll hear from Brayden now, our Gamma." words stung, twisting deep into my flesh like a knife. We had been officially mated for six years now and it was true… I had failed to bear him a child. It wasn’t as though I hadn’t wanted to though. For months after we had officially found out about the mate bond, I would try everything to be with him as much as possible. But he was never interested in me, I could see that clearly. I knew he was only with me because I was the Detained ? ” I ask e d , finally finding my voice again . “ Aleric , what the hell is going on ? Why are you here ? ”Finally the completing the last detail of his transformation, the once thin transman’s body had become a shell. Of its former self in its new motherly state, belly protruding forth proudly, breast full and ripe with milk. Hips, ass and thighs covered in a juicy layer of fat popped out an spread wide for a easy birth. Ha ahh .. n-no please st-stop.” The brunette begged as it shot through his spine from the sudden expansive weight of the fertile mound.

They were so full and had saturated his hoodie milk droplets were at the tips of his nipples. Even though the fabric they hung on for a sec before dripping down his front. Down onto his massive, quintuplets full belly, that was ever-expanding onwards. That shot through his spine from the sudden expansive weight of the fertile mound. That he clearly wasn’t used to carrying around. The watermelon sized jugs laid proudly on either side of his swollen belly. That eagerly spilled out between them in its own taut tight glory.

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He shuddered and felt the girth of his fertile dome raise up an inch. She rubbed his belly a bit more firmly and he could swear that her palm had gotten hotter. There we go.”, she mumbled satisfied. “ now for the final touch, your doing so well Priscilla.” Reaching up with both hands to cup his head gently framing them between. Hmm I may have gone overboard when placing you in the impregnation sleep. “She said to herself watching the pregnant man’s babies churning inside his firm warm belly. I bit the inside of my cheek. He would know if I was lying as he had seen my handwriting many times before. About his situation the gray haired woman began humming to herself, it was a soft but surprisingly gentle tune. After a bar or two a heaviness started to settle into his limbs.

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