Bandai NAMCO Entertainment Gunpla High Grade HG/144 Gundam Aerial, Clear (2593849)

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Bandai NAMCO Entertainment Gunpla High Grade HG/144 Gundam Aerial, Clear (2593849)

Bandai NAMCO Entertainment Gunpla High Grade HG/144 Gundam Aerial, Clear (2593849)

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The head has a double ball joint design which allows for some movement and a decent chin tuck/forward look for those cool dynamic poses, but is a bit limited by the design. This variation makes Aerial very fun to play with and pose, and I’m sure additional action bases would be great in helping her pull off poses like in the anime. It is equipped with a shield made up of GUND-BITs, a next-generation remote-controlled swarm weapon system. The beam rifle is a quite unique design with a lot of tetragonal shapes and it comes with a cool effect part that either looks like a rifle discharging a crazy beam or a slashing short sword (not exactly sure which is which). The name Gunpla derives from the phrase “Gundam plastic model”, since most kits are made of plastic.

The Gundam Aerial would be sent to the Asticassia School of Technology as Suletta's personal mobile suit. HG kits do not tend to be as discombobulatingly high quality as an unmodified build, therefore I must rate this here modern masterpiece a rather splendid 11. It has built-in rotating maneuver thrusters equipped on both sides, they pop-up when in use to shift into a high maneuverability mode with high-mobility speed in three axes. The activation of the Interplanetary Laser Transmission System against Quiet Zero however forces Ericht to use the Gundam Aerial Rebuild and every available Gundnode to defend against the attack, dealing heavy damage against the Gundam Aerial Rebuild in the process. The in-canon prologue short story released on the official site shows that Aerial is a full AI and capable of independent thought, possibly more.Master Grade gundams are 1/100 scale kits designed and made to higher standards than High Grade (HG) kits but fall under Perfect Grade (PG) kits. While operating at a Permet score of 6, the Aerial can deactivate "Antidote" attacks [6] and take control of remote weaponry such as GUND-BITs and drones. The legs feature slide joints, where the knee and thigh parts can be moved to follow the movement of the knee joint; the toe parts also have a split structure to reproduce natural ground contact.

Aside from flashbacks or ending visuals, the original form of the Aerial only directly appears in nine episodes, after which it is upgraded into the Aerial Rebuild. Parents would probably want to assist younger children with a kit of this level if they have never built one before. In all then, this is a perfect recreation of the Gundam Aerial, with lots of display options thanks to the clever GUND-bits that adorn the body, form the shield or enhance the main gun. Gundam modeling spread in the 1990s with North America and Europe being exposed to Gundam through television and manga. To properly complete a level 3 kit, you should have at least a basic set of modeling supplies, including plastic nippers, a hobby knife, files and/or sandpaper, plastic cement, instant (cyanoacrylate) cement (for resin, soft-vinyl or metal parts), painting supplies including brushes, paint, thinner and masking tape, tweezers and possibly decal softener for applying decals to difficult areas.The joints have some nice additional features too - the back of the thighs can collapse to grant additional range to the knee bend, there are sculpted wires in the knees around which the metallic joint rotates, and that forearm bend I mentioned earlier? It explains what these technologies are and why we use them, as well as your rights to control them. A following rematch against Guel sees the Gundam Aerial take on the AI-controlled MD-0064 Darilbalde, and despite interference by the Jeturk house including the use of the school's fire suppression system to weaken ranged beam attacks, the Aerial ultimately prevails.

Note that kits which are molded in their final colors will always look better when painted, even if this is not required. In many cases these limited run kits are never before seen variations of the mecha we know and love. The vent detailing and lots of exposed frame elements remind me a lot of Barbatos and the Iron-Blooded Orphans designs and the clear elements and how they activate remind me of the aforementioned Exia Gundam, but Aerial brings it all together in a unique and fresh way. With its sculpted physique and intriguing extras, HG Gundam Aerial is just as attention-grabbing as its anime counterpart. From the latest Gundam series [Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury], the main character Gundam Aerial is three-dimensionalized in the HG series!Kits that we have rated as skill level 5 require all the same modeling techniques and tools as skill level 3 and skill level 4. E-Gift cards are the perfect solution when you just can’t find the right gift or you’re short of time. The Gundam "hero" mecha - Aerial fits in well, though she's not as heavy as the others, nor as detailed. Putting Aerial in the Bit-on form with the bits attached to her thighs will interfere with the skirt armor and can limit the movement. Tampos adorn the body, but not so many that it makes the suit look too utilitarian - tampos, panels and additional detail suit Gundams like Strike because it's such a workhorse, but with Aerial you feel the mystique of how it achieves its remarkable functions would be undermined with lots of warnings and markings.

While you get a spare crest in the box, the rear mounted antennae has no backup, and to make matters worse, the tip is separated by a very thin piece of plastic from the main extension, so it's incredibly vulnerable to even a slight knock.It would have been even nicer had the electronics extended to these areas to replicate the effect seen in the show, but it would have been a little-used novelty for me, so I can give it a pass here. Please re-visit this Cookie Notice regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and related technologies. They needed to be a bit more transparent, but when you're using blue as a base colour, it's hard not to make it look like water. The distinctive "Shell Unit" surfaces on the upper torso and upper thighs are beautifully reproduced using a layer of 3D moulded reflective material and another layer of clear material, creating a feeling of depth and luminosity. I was able to get her assembled, panel lined, and painted in about 3-4 hours or so, using nippers to cut the parts out of the sprues and clean them up.

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