Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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The next day, Bennett takes Alex out in a Piper J-3 Cub crop duster and makes him apply the contents of the plane over the fields.

But Alex Rider will face whatever it takes - gunfire, explosions, hand-to-hand combat with mercenaries - to bring down his most dangerous adversary yet. If it was written for older readers it would also have to deal with the effect on a fourteen year old boy of the traumatic events to which he is subjected. He seemed like a caricature of every mainstream superhero villain, his intentions were stupid, his method was even dumber and why the f does every villain EXPLAIN THEIR MASTERPLAN? The author use informal diction here mostly because of the reputation of the series and to help readers connect easier with the character Alex who is 14, which is about the young adults age. How on Earth can a fourteen year-old grab hold of a rope hanging from a plane while on a wobbly roof about to fall off?A nuclear technician in India planted a bomb on a dumpster in a nuclear power station in Jowada but was killed when he activated it . A cloud of nuclear steam slowly travels out of the nuclear plant and into the outside world because the technician opened the emergency door. While on his way back from school one day soon after, Alex walks to Brompton Cemetery and visits the grave of his uncle, Ian Rider. Normally the 8th book in a series doesn't turn out well, but Anthony Horowitz was successful in his comeback. Alex is now killing henchmen left and right and nothing is ever said about how the violence is affecting him.

This and the previous Alex Rider books are excellent for grabbing the attention of boys aged about nine years and onwards who don't want to read. Well I was definitely not disappointed, the book contains all the usual excitement from tense moments to full throttle action.

I wouldn't say that I was ever held in suspense (because the books are pretty predictable), but I was certainly interested. First off, we're introduced to Ravi Chandra, who plants a bomb in a nuclear power station and doesn't live very long.

I gathered that he had been shot in the past, at Liverpool Street station, and although there is a token effort at showing he still has some reaction when he has to go there again, he doesn't appear to suffer any qualms from killing a number of men in this book, even though it is in self defence. But a simple card game between them rapidly leads to a duel to the death – one that could result in the destruction of an entire country.Tajuk Crocodile Tears atau Air Mata Buaya ni SH rasa sangat kena dan bertepatan dengan isi ceritanya. I've always believed that the protagonist is only as good as the antagonist and the antagonist was simply dumb tbh.

The fact that Alex involved himself in so much of the bad guy's overall plot was different, and it makes sense given that Alex is the kind of kid that he is. I was okay with this part, other than the fact it seems quite obvious than Anthony has never really been to India. So, originally, Indian spy wants to bomb bad guy’s plane, but since he’s passed out and all, Alex figures he won't mind if he steals his bomb and uses it to destroy a dam to drown all the wheat crops. An engineering technician, Ravi Chandra, plants a bomb in the nuclear reactor of the Jowada Nuclear Power Station in India, after being persuaded to do so by a European man who promises him a lot of rewards.I haven't read any others (yeah I know that it is bad to start a book in the middle of a series) but I must say that I am very excited to read the others. Plot: Alex is trying to live a normal life away from MI6 after telling them once again that he didn't want to be used again by them at the end of book seven. It's a page-turner that will have you on the edge of you seat reading in the middle of the night until Alex gets himself out of the very last impossible situation.

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