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Initially I found this quite entertaining and looked forward to whatever new absurd angle was going to be introduced next but eventually the appeal of it began to wear thin, especially as the book was surprisingly long and many scenarios had disappointingly short and/or hand-waved resolutions. Oh, and there's a kid who turns into a hive mind of 90,000 gremlins that can control corpses and ends up transforming into a giant room encompassing the entire island of England and gets teleported into another universe. I’ve never seen something so brazenly walk the line between brilliance and complete unintelligible nonsense. Things like “find out who murdered this man”, “escape from this situation”, or “get to this location”.

I want to read it so bad, and yet and I don’t want to, because it is so infuriatingly confusing and shatters completely the distinction between canon and non-canon.Took a Level in Badass: George grows out of his meekness to become a proper man, and then becomes a pilot in the Royal Air Force who battles zombies with his airplane. For some reason, he wasn’t killed by a zombie in this novel, and went on many adventures with his future wife Lisa Lisa, including a big fight with zombies who crashed their wedding (though this fight no longer happens after the restoration of the multiverse). It contains everything Jojo fans like, adds what makes Maijo great, and somehow improves every existing aspect of the original series just by existing. Just be prepared for a deep and rather explicit rabbit hole if you wanna go further into Maijo’s works. While George refuses to accept it at first, a strong speech from Erina and seeing Lisa Lisa cry for the first time convinces him to be brave.

He seems to have become obsessed with Lisa Lisa, because she reminds him of Mona Lisa and even names himself “Kira Kira” to mock her. Pocoloco possesses the Stand Right Stuff, which takes the form of several robotic people who produce a means to get any task done if given the impetus, even creating miniature models if necessary. Beyonds: Stand-like abilities whose reach is beyond space and time and the fourth wall, since they are manifestation(s) of author(s). Javier Cortez : A classmate of Jorge and Tsukumojūku who possesses a Wound that allows him to enter other people’s dreams to attack their insecurities. Narancia's stand is "U Boat" and is a deep-sea diving Stand, but still has rapid-fire weapons and is remote controlled.Believe it or not, there’s a whole paragraph dedicated to Jorge Joestar on the Battle Tendency Wikipedia page, and this is one of my sources, alongside every source that I could find about the subject in the Jorge Joestar tag on Tumblr (which give links to sources from forums), as well as the JoJo wiki. Lost in Translation: The original novel is full of kanji puns, which weren't carried through the fan translation.

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