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Lucifer's Hammer

Lucifer's Hammer

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And it might've been even worse if the US military hadn't gotten the clarification that the Soviet Union was nuking China instead of the US. A producer of television documentaries named Harvey Randall sees an opportunity for a series of prime time specials about the comet, with Kalva Soap as sponsor. In Policeman, narration is provided first person, and although many of the projected responses to impact are exactly the same in both books, experiencing it through one man’s journey is far more profound and moving.

I do think it will appeal to fans of The Stand, as to me that was also a period piece where women and people of color play very stereotypical roles. Divided States of America: The survivors, living in and around California's San Joaquin Valley, all make jokes about the five announcements they've received over short-wave radio, each proclaiming a different person President of the United States.But still, this is a book that you will enjoy if you like the premise and don't pay much attention to subtext, but will probably annoy you if you do notice things like all the black people become cannibals! The mechanics of destruction, the effect of Lucifers Hammer on the Earth are particularly well done and suitably 'wow' in their description, as are the cascade of events that follow such a massive event.

Love Triangle: One of these forms between Maureen Jellison, Harvey Randall, and George Christopher, the latter two of whom are in love with Maureen. Second part as event happens and the valley community is set up and organized is actually interesting.Bear in mind, the reason to save the power plant is not because destroying the plant could result in a nuclear meltdown which would render the entire area uninhabitable. The Hamner-Brown comet is spotted months away by a wealthy amateur astronomer, and as it approaches, excitement turns to apprehension as scientists keep revising the estimate of the odds of the comet striking Earth from "billions to one" to "millions to one" to "thousands to one," and. Hammer even invites the kid to stay at his mansion , all expenses paid of course by the millionaire and see the local attractions. Senator Jellison's aide, Al Hardy, also doesn't deny that he's in love with Maureen when confronted by Harvey, but admits freely that it means nothing; Maureen's husband will be the Senator's successor, and Hardy knows that can't be him. If I had bowed my head on my breast, as I have held it high, The kite that whistles above us now were gorged till she could not fly.

No Party Like a Donner Party: The remnants of a National Guard unit start off only killing and eating people because they have a hard time finding anything to eat. It's repeatedly referenced that if humanity had been just a bit more advanced - that is, just that much better at nuclear physics (and space development) - they would have been able to prevent the impact. Also, personally, this satisfies my itch for post apocalyptic fiction, too, with the added fun of seeing how the 'apocalypse' happens. With the limited gore, sex, and bad language, this is a good novel for even a young SF fan to pick up, and learn about where modern apocalyptic literature (including the current zombie culture) started.as the survivors of a former commune realize that gosh, they really did like having electricity and plumbing.

The New Brotherhood believe him, mainly because they've all committed unspeakable acts and want to believe they've been forgiven. About the only "prepared" survivors, good and bad, who don't have part of their initial schemes blow up in their faces are Senator Jellison and Dr. I do think he tries to 'balance' this out by having one of the astronauts be black, but it sure feels like its intentionally trying to provide cover for his the obviously racist depiction of the cannibals. Looting, pillaging, rape, murder, gangs, some trying to get the world back up and running and some trying to burn the last few bits of civilisation left standing. The next stop in my end-of-the-world reading marathon was Lucifier's Hammer, the 1977 disaster epic by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle.Yamamoto, in her review for the Library Journal, said that the novel was full of "good, solid science, a gigantic but well developed and coordinated cast of characters, and about a megaton of suspenseful excitement".

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