My Lies, Your Lies: The emotionally gripping new novel for 2020 from the bestselling author

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My Lies, Your Lies: The emotionally gripping new novel for 2020 from the bestselling author

My Lies, Your Lies: The emotionally gripping new novel for 2020 from the bestselling author

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I loved the format of two timelines, switching back and forth between past and present, as the story unfolds. We all have examples of people who fell in love at that age and either are now happily married, or haven't seen the object of their teen affection for years. With each chapter, my curiosity increased until the reveal exploded the story and turned it upside down. Then she starts telling 'her' story and it's about a 15yr old girl who 'has an affair' with her 25 yr old music teacher back in the 60s.

Following periods of living in Los Angeles and the South of France, she currently lives in Gloucestershire with her husband, James, stepsons, Michael and Luke, and mischievous dogs, Coco and Lulu.A family drama full of unexpected twists, with a huge amount of optimism and warning that there are two sides to every story. Actions done or things said by particular characters are just really dramatic at times and I felt it was a bit unbelievable because it was over the top. The twist that came that threw her whole world into disarray, and left her questioning everything she had ever known? In my opinion, MY LIES, YOUR LIES took a little too long for interest to take hold - at nearly 30% in, which is a bit too long in my opinion - but then it did admittedly get rather interesting. I enjoyed this book until about halfway through when it seemed to me that a different person was finishing the story.

I can only conclude this author absolutely detests women so I want to steer clear of her forever and ever and ever, Amen. Susan Lewis’ description of Freda Donahoe’s house in its remote location fuels the feeling of isolation where there’s nothing to do aside from ruminate on your own thought, which is how we meet Freda at the beginning of the novel; a woman who’s done nothing but dwell on the situation and her thoughts on it, for years. I think this is one of the novels great strengths, Lewis uses characters to pose questions to our readers and some of these questions will stick with you for a long time. Young Freda's love for David seem to be celebrated and left a bad taste, which meant that ultimately how the story unravelled didnt quite work for me. Even though these parts were set in the late 60's and deemed 'a different time' it still felt uncomfortable reading how the 25 year old David manipulates his student into a love affair.

Joely doesn't object to this even though she HAS A 15YR OLD HERSELF, the two of them discuss this 'affair' from both sides, constantly representing the student as a seducer and the teacher as a 'man of honour' who 'couldn't resist her'. As it just gets better and better till boom, you have been reading for hours without a drink or anything to eat and you finish feeling wrung out and wondering where you are. This 'couldn't help it' crap is a lie rapists tell to excuse their utter disregard for the emotional and physical safety of women. Freda seems keen to put the blame on the schoolgirl but was she the innocent party taken advantage of?

This book was no exception and I soon found myself drawn into all the drama and feeling a lot of sympathy with Joely. Young Freda is 14/15 and Sir is in his mid-to-late twenties and although it doesn’t sound like a huge leap of an age gap, we have to remind ourselves that it is. It read a bit like an autobiography at times but I liked getting to know the character and their background more. I found this book a bit slow to begin with but as the story starts to enfold I started to enjoy it more and there were parts where I just couldn’t put the book down. During our meeting we discussed the book a little, but we mostly considered some of the discussion points that come from reading the book.

Her big secret that she wallowed over the entire book, when she wasn't presuming what was to come in the memoir, wasn't that great after all. The technical sense is still rape, and even if Marianne had defended him to the police he still would have been charged, so how is it her fault? If you like books with a larger-than-life character and enjoy unraveling family intrigue and drama, then I suggest you consider My Lies, Your Lies.

It was a scandal at the time because he was her teacher, but they are still married today and have two children now in their thirties. She never intended to leave Joely in the tower for more than a day, she explains, leaving out the detail that she sent her housekeeper away on holidays so even she wouldn't discover Joely. A Susan Lewis book is always going to be a great read, generally highly emotive with a river of suspense flowing through it.

Susan Lewis is the internationally bestselling author of more than forty novels as well as two memoirs. Given the subject matter, some parts were uncomfortable to read, but overall the book was captivating. It’s also statutory rape, the main difference being that statutory rape means to rape with the assumed consent of the state — inappropriate sexual behaviour with a minor in your care; see teacher.

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