Rubie's Boy's Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Deluxe Venomized Spider-Man Costume

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Rubie's Boy's Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Deluxe Venomized Spider-Man Costume

Rubie's Boy's Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Deluxe Venomized Spider-Man Costume

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One of the biggest and coolest moments of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 was when we finally got the chance to play as Venom. It's undoubtedly cool to get to jump out of the shoes of our two Spider-Men and play a new character, but one of the biggest reasons Insomniac wanted to let us play as Venom was to let us see how dangerous and vicious he is. As for what happened to the "Undies" suit, Intihar first joked that maybe Peter is now "a little shy" and didn't want that one anymore. The real reason is more that he thinks it wasn't as exciting for the team that prioritized other suits. First off, Intihar explains, moving suits from Spider-Man 1 to Spider-Man 2 isn't as simple as just pushing a button and making them magically appear. "A lot of those are PS4, and then even the ones that showed up in the remaster, they have to be basically PS5-sized or whatever," he says. "They have to be upgraded. So there's a work factor to get it in there." While it was a small cameo, the fact that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse included the Venom movies could be foreshadowing a larger tie-in through Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. From the little that is known about Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, the threequel is speculated to potentially have more inclusion of live-action characters, hence the "Beyond" in the movie title. This would be the perfect opportunity to have Venom, out of all the Sony's Spider-Man Universe characters, finally take part in the Spider-Verse adventure. Does that mean we might play as Carnage in a future installment, especially after that tease? Intihar wasn't willing to reveal much, but he did mention that Carnage is on a different level than Venom.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse introduced Spider-Man India, voiced by Karan Soni, who became an instant fan-favorite. I will tell you… I haven't told anybody this,” Bryan Intihar told IGN, “we did have a Venomized Sandman concept.” It was hard enough to make Sandman,” Intihar continued. “No, nothing like, ‘you can't do this because of this extra Y or Z.’ I think it comes down to more of like, can we do it with the time we have and at the quality we want to hit? We knew eventually we wanted to get to a point where Pete and Miles were together as peers, as Spider peers," Intihar said. "But I think if you look at, obviously, when you're working with the symbiote, the theme of addiction is very prevalent. I know people in my life who suffer from a different type of addiction. It doesn't just impact the people, that person impacts the people around them. And that was something we wanted to show. So, it's not only how is it impacting Peter, but also how is it impacting MJ? How is it impacting Harry? How is it impacting Miles? And then the fight with Miles and Pete is when we try to say is like, Miles is there for Peter, right? With Venom, there are certain things people expect and things we can't screw up. Then there's the other thing of how can we make it our own? And I think that all starts with Harry. Early in the game, you see Harry with the symbiote, and we see him in many ways being a hero and using it to not only feel better, but to basically be one of Pete's partners.

We then proceed to ask Intihar what happened to "Underpants Pete," aka the Spider-Man 1 "Undies" suit that had Peter Parker running around in just his boxers.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has officially arrived and tells an epic story starring Peter Parker, Miles Morales, MJ, Kraven the Hunter, Venom and so many more. While swinging around New York City as both Pete and Miles is as fun as it ever was, there is so much more that makes this sequel what it is. This is also seen in the Bebop and Hard Bop side-missions, where Miles is working to uncover the truth behind the Cultural Center robbery. This was very meaningful for the team as it was not only a way to expand Miles as a character, but to also honor his culture. So, in a way, having Venom playable was just as much a story-telling device as it was a way to include an awesome moment of inhabiting legendary villain. However, Intihar doesn't want us to think we'll get to play as every villain in the Spidey-verse because it's cool. So, don't just assume we'll get a chance to become Green Goblin in a potential Spider-Man 3 after that tease in the game, even though we'd be all for it! In truth, however, the choice of who we get to play as has to serve the greater story. During the climactic battle, Klaw blasted Spider-Man with some sonics. The symbiote pulled away to reveal nothing underneath but Peter Parker’s skeleton. This turned out to be far from a surprise to the heroes as Human Torch saved him and moved on without a second thought. THE ANIMATED SERIES FINALEIt's pretty easy to see that Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales were all leading to a much bigger story of these two Spider-Men coming together, but why was it so important to have it be in this game? It’s worth remembering that Spider-Man 2 contains loads of Easter eggs, many of which point to other Marvel superheroes. There are nods to Doctor Strange and Wong. The Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building is present and correct, as is The Avengers tower. Ganke mentions the Rand Corporation, which teases the existence of Iron Fist. While superheroes other than the Spider-Men are conspicuous by their absence in the game, something a recent comic book referenced, perhaps Insomniac plans a Heroes for Hire or Defenders spin-off / DLC of some kind. In an alternate reality, a version of the Clone Saga storyline happened, only in this one, Peter was more of an asshole to Ben Reilly instead of treating him like a brother. When Peter found out that he was possibly the clone, he got extra pissed about it right around the time when the Carnage symbiote was nearby. He became Spider-Carnage and created a plan to destroy the multiverse. The other thing is we talked a lot to the character team," he says. "What are the character team excited about making? They put so much time and effort into those suits. I want them to wake up every morning and go, 'I'm excited to work on this character. I'm excited to work on this suit.' So we leaned on them as well, because a lot of them are hardcore comic-book fans, and they have their suits." While there have been alternative versions of Peter and Miles throughout the Spider-Verse movies, they have yet to show any Gwen variants, despite her major role in the franchise. However, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse could finally be where they introduce a Gwen variant, and perhaps one that has actually bonded with the Venom Symbiote. In a June 2023 interview with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, they made it clear that they do have plans to include Gwen variants, without giving away any spoilers.

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